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An awning adds to the beauty and value of your home. Awnings offer many benefits and one of the greatest benefits is energy savings. Exterior fabric window awnings can reduce interior heat in homes during periods of direct sunlight. Also, a retractable awning can help you extend your backyard, deck or pool area so you can enjoy the outdoors without being overheated by the sun or exposing your family to harmful UV rays. Awnings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which makes design options virtually limitless. Awning fabrics and frames are also available in a wide variety of styles and materials. Picture a beautiful awning accenting your deck or patio while providing protection from the sun or imagine an awning that will provide shade from direct sunlight into your home.
Shutters are a classic, timeless choice for window coverings. They are available in wood, wood composite materials, and vinyl. Shutters are available in a variety of wood stains and shades of white. They can be made into cafe, bi- pass or bi-fold doors, even angled top or arch shapes.


Roman Shades
Roman Shades offer clean, classic lines suiitable for any taste or décor style. We offer Roman Shades in a wide variety of styles, and in addition to our fine fabrics you'll find the timeless styling of Roman window blinds in our Natural Woven, Roller and Solar Shade materials. All our custom Roman Shades settle smoothly, evenly and gracefully into soft folds when raised.


Honeycomb Shades
Honeycomb Shades have the look and feel of fabric with superior look and softness, plus deep, even coloration that won't fade even in full-sun locations. Also known as cellular shades or honeycomb blinds, Honeycomb Shades feature top and bottom rails that are fabric-wrapped for a uniform look. The unique hexagonal cell shape of these blinds provides substantial insulation with little weight, keeping rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.


Pleated Shades
Pleated Shades bring color, texture and crisp style to any room, any window-and with Specialty Shapes you can even coordinate arches and skylights! Count on our Pleated Shades to keep their edge, season after season: these durably luxurious fabrics resist fading, drooping and sagging. And Pleated Shades are priced so affordably you can add your choice of upgrades to ideally suit your home and family's needs.


Vertical Blinds
Vertical blinds offer you the appearance of a drapery. Vertical track allows you to regulate just the right amount of light through its uniformly spaced scissor carriers and will give you many years of trouble free operation. The most popular choice for sliding glass doors and large windows, vertical blinds are well suited for both casual and formal decor. Low maintenance and easy operation make vertical blinds a popular treatment for almost any window.


Bamboo Shades
Bamboo Shades are an elegant collection of Bamboo, Rattan, Reeds, Jutes, and Woven Woods. Not only do the bamboo shades offer diversity in appearance, the woven woods also offer different lifting abilities, such as roman fold bamboo shades and roll-up bamboo shades. Traditionally, the ancient art of weaving bamboo created these intricate window coverings. After the canes of the bamboo have been whittled and dried, the reeds are then braided with rope. Today, bamboo shades are still crafted with the delicacy of this age-old inventiveness of weaving bamboo and are now infused with modern technology.
Sheerweave Roller Shades
Sheerweave solar shades are the fresh alternative to the common vinyl roller shades. This new advance in technology of PVC-coated fiberglass yarn filters out heat, glare, and harmful ultra-violet rays while still allowing natural light to flood the room. With this new technology, the Sheerweave sun shades not only reduces the fading of draperies, furniture and carpets, it also allows the owner a perfect view of the outside world while still maintaining privacy. Please note, depending on the type of inside light you have, during the nighttime hours, privacy can be void. Each design of the Sheerweave sun shades affects the ability to see through them, this is known as the "Openness Factor". Throughout the Sheerweave sun shades page, the "Openness Factor" will appear with the complementary shade.
Frosted Windows
This film lets you achieve the look of etched glass. It opens unlimited design possibilities, allowing you to bring vibrant color, visual effects and graphic patterns to glass surfaces in commercial and residential spaces. It gives you new power to impart privacy and enhance safety in commercial spaces. . You can bring color and texture to virtually any glass window, door, or room divider. Subtly or sensationally. Decorative film puts multiple colors and patterns at your disposal: red, yellow, green, blue, bronze, white, black, matte, frost. Combine any or all to splash on virtually any color. You can customize a space with a corporate logo or signage. And choose from dozens of patterns to create enriching visuals; overlap multiple patterns to create signature effects.
Vienna Shade
This product is compared to the Silhouette shade by Hunter Douglas. Vienna shades offer similar styling and function for a much lower price. Combining the softness of a cellular shade, the simplicity of a roller shade, and the functionality of a horizontal blind, our soft horizontal shades offer unparalleled beauty and performance. Vienna shades feature 2" or 3" horizontal fabric vanes that float between two layers of soft, knitted fabric sheers revealing a veiled view to the outside when open and full privacy when closed. The vanes glide effortlessly from open to closed to completely out of sight when fully raised, disappearing into the color- coordinated head rail.
From the elegant flow of our custom drapery line, to our innovative panel system: quality and style are always at the forefront of our window treatments. Our exclusive selection of decorative hardware is sure to complement your drapery.


Pro-Tech Window Coverings Inc. can return your upholstered furniture to "like-new" condition. We can help you keep the furnishings for your home. office, institution, school or other environment as clean and functional today as when they were new. Select from our standard fabrics or choose from a wide assortment of quality fabrics and vinyl's.


Blind Cleaning
You can rely on Pro-Tech Window Coverings Inc. to clean your window coverings professionally and in a timely manner. We clean all window coverings. Our technicians are highly trained in all areas of cleaning. Our goal is to go beyond Customer Satisfaction and give every customer a positively memorable experience. Call us any time for your blind cleaning needs, whether you purchased your product from us or from another company. We're here to help!


1" Aluminum Blinds
Custom aluminum miniblinds offer a sleek, elegant look. Choose from 1/2" microblinds, 1" mini blinds, and 2" blinds. Our mini blinds are an excellent choice for better light control and privacy. These aluminum window blinds are made from 8 gauge aluminum. Eight gauge aluminum is useful where durability and performance matter, such as in kids' rooms.


2" Wood Blind
Custom-crafted from high quality, available in natural hardwoods and fauxwoods, these blinds are highly durable, warp resistant, and helps insulate your windows. The built-in lifting mechanism allows you to lower and raise your blinds with ease. Simply tilt the slats with our wand or cord control to manage light in-take. Choose from our tasteful colors, stains, and finishes.


2" Fauxwood Blinds
You'll swear our 2" faux wood blinds are made of real wood! These fauxwoods are the newest generation of window blinds, giving you the look of wood at a HIGHLY reduced price. Made from 2" flat moisture-proof PVC, get yours either smooth or embossed with a light wood grain texture. This discount fauxwood blind comes standard with a 3" decorative valance.


Security Film
Are you concerned with smash and grab at your home or business? An alarm system may sound the police, however, how long will it take for the police to respond in your neighborhood? Why not keep the bad people out of your home or business by installing security film on your glass? Security Window Film is a cost effective way to protect people from injury and death and property from damage or total loss. If your building's window glass is ever broken accidentally or intentionally Safety and Security Films help to hold the potentially dangerous pieces together and safely away from the occupants.
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